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About Scott Moore.

Executive consultant, customer advocate, and performance engineer. My experience includes solving application performance issues for many Fortune 500 companies, industry leading integrators, and small to medium-sized businesses. In the past, my companies (Loadtester Incorporated and Northway Solutions Group) became leading software partners specializing in Quality Assurance testing.


  • Thought leader in the performance engineering space.
  • Decades of IT experience with various platforms and technologies.
  • Sharing knowledge as a frequent speaker at software testing conferences.
  • Host of “The Performance Tour” on YouTube.


A powerful network of highly skilled professionals and partnerships with leading companies in many areas of software development, testing, and operations.


Performance Engineering, Performance Testing, Capacity Planning, Performance Monitoring (APM), and Observability. This includes traditional on-premise, Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and many other applications/platforms.

Performance Engineering Services

As a Software Engineer Across the Lifecycle (SEAL), I take a life cycle approach to application performance engineering. This includes development, testing, into production deployment and end user release. I can help you address your performance issues no matter where they are: Planning, testing, and production monitoring. I have additional specific experience with multiple protocols and technology stacks that go beyond just web and web services based applications. These include Citrix and Terminal Emulation deployed applications, Internet-of-Things (IoT) platforms, and more.

I ran my own consulting services company for years. I have managed organizations, developed multi-person departments from scratch, and developed entire consulting organizations large companies. I know how to build out the people, process, and tools for an organization to be successful with performance engineering from the beginning. I also understand every aspect of running a business, especially the challenges.  How can I help you?

Performance Engineering / Testing Services

Need a solution for application performance challenges? Get professional consulting you can trust!

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