Scott Moore.

Executive consultant, customer advocate, and performance engineer.

My experience includes solving application performance issues for all companies regardless of size.

I specialize in education, implementation, and consulting around LoadRunner, Neoload, Apposite Technologies, and Akamas. However, my performance testing methodology is tool agnostic. I am happy to assist with other products, including open source (JMeter, Grafana, InfluxDB, etc). As your client advocate, I can facilitate a custom solution that will address your specific application performance needs.

I teach custom, formal training around performance testing methodology, and web-based mentoring one-on-one. I can architect a Performance Center of Excellence (PCoE) from the ground up, implement continuous performance testing into your CI/CD pipeline, or help you mature to the next stage no matter you may be at today.

Scott Moore at a Glance.

Thought Leader in the application performance testing and monitoring market; Founder of Loadtester Incorporated; Co-Founder of Northway Solutions Group; Certified Consultant and Instructor for Micro Focus LoadRunner Family Expert (Professional, Enterprise, Cloud, Developer), Neotys Neoload, Apposite Technologies WAN emulation, Akamas, and many other products.

Performance Engineering / Testing Services

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