Scott Moore.

Executive consultant, customer advocate, and performance engineer.

My experience includes solving application performance issues for all companies regardless of size.

I specialize in education, implementation, and consulting around LoadRunner, Neoload, Apposite Technologies, and Akamas. However, my performance testing methodology is tool agnostic. I am happy to assist with other products, including open source (JMeter, Grafana, InfluxDB, etc). As your client advocate, I can facilitate a custom solution that will address your specific application performance needs.

I teach custom, formal training around performance testing methodology, and web-based mentoring one-on-one. I can architect a Performance Center of Excellence (PCoE) from the ground up, implement continuous performance testing into your CI/CD pipeline, or help you mature to the next stage no matter you may be at today.

Scott Moore at a Glance.

Thought Leader in the application performance testing and monitoring market; Founder of Loadtester Incorporated; Co-Founder of Northway Solutions Group; Certified Consultant and Instructor for Micro Focus LoadRunner Family Expert (Professional, Enterprise, Cloud, Developer), Neotys Neoload, Apposite Technologies WAN emulation, Akamas, and many other products.

Application Performance Engineering and Testing Services

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