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This blog contains a link to a review of the EggPlant Performance testing product. It examines the company and review the product from a features and technical stack perspective. The purpose of this document is to capture real-world usage of the product and make any recommendations that might be useful to improve it.


EggPlant as a company is now being tracked by Gartner and considered a leader in the magic quadrant for software test automation. I recently used it on a project and I am sharing my experience with the product on a real performance engagement. My hope is that the performance testing community at large becomes more aware of it and its capabilities.

Link to Document

Here is the link to the online document:

Eggplant Performance Product Review


I have tried to make this available without any marketing, required log ins or gathering any personal information. As always, your feedback and sharing of this resource with others is appreciated.

About the Author

Scott Moore

Scott Moore specializes in application performance engineering and testing. This includes education, hands-on implementation, and application performance monitoring.