Load Testing HTTP/3

This blog references the full documentation of research from August 2019. It documents efforts to perform a load test against a web site that supported the latest version of HTTP/3 at the time. The document contains 120+ pages of detailed notes. Here is the link to the document:


Here is the link to the Neotys Virtual PAC presentation slides where the research was presented:

Presentation Video:


There are a lot of other topics covered in this document that you may find useful outside of HTTP/3, including:

  • Setting up an Ubuntu server in AWS
  • Setting up a stand-alone RDS MySQL database instance
  • Setting up AWS ports and security rules
  • Configuring a new WordPress installation
  • Implementing a custom WordPress theme
  • Setting up both Apache and Litespeed web servers (lots of configuration screen shots)
  • Working with Cloudflare for both DNS proxy and caching
  • How to set up a CA SSL certificate (not self-signed) for SSL/TLS with RapidSSL
  • Configuring Mailgun to work with a Google GMail account from a custom domain
  • Setting up a GeoIP lookup database to block countries in Litespeed
  • Using curl to get timings from requests
  • Using VSCodium, Node, and Puppeteer
  • Configuring Apposite Technologies Netropy CE WAN Emulation product
  • Using Neoload for load testing for all of the above

… and much more. Enjoy.

About the Author

Scott Moore

Scott Moore specializes in application performance engineering and testing. This includes education, hands-on implementation, and application performance monitoring.