The SMC Journal is a podcast discussing all things related to performance engineering.You can watch it live or see the archived shows on my Youtube channel at:

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It covers news events, company profiles (merger and acquisition), corporate events, vendor software features and update, and any topic that affects performance in IT today. Performance Testing, Performance Engineering, DevOps, Observability, AIOps, and more.

Content includes commentary and demonstrations by Scott Moore, interviews with industry experts, and company representatives. This will be a livestream and on-demand video podcast executed multiple times a week (at least two). It can be presented from the home studio in central Florida, or from a remote location (i.e. at a conference event).

We are currently working on a dedicated web site for the show at

Until then, that URL will redirect to this page. As soon as we have the new site up you will arrive there instead of here and this page will go away. Thanks for your patience!


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About the Author

Scott Moore

Scott Moore specializes in application performance engineering and testing. This includes education, hands-on implementation, and application performance monitoring.