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Scott’s experience includes solving application performance issues for many Fortune 500 companies, industry leading integrators, and small to medium-sized businesses. Scott’s previous companies were leading software value added resellers and service providers that specialized in QA functional testing, performance engineering, automation, and application monitoring (APM and Observability).

Scott is  a creative content producer for video series and music. Find out about some of his online shows below.


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The Scott Moore Consulting Approach:

As a Software Lifecycle Engineer (SLE), I take a different approach to application performance engineering and the areas it touches. This includes development, testing, into production deployment and end user release. I can help you address your performance issues no matter where they are: Planning, testing, and production monitoring (observability). I have experience with multiple protocols and technology stacks that go beyond just web and web services based applications.

I ran my own consulting services company for years before starting Scott Moore Consulting. I have managed organizations, developed multi-person departments from scratch, and developed entire consulting organizations at large companies. I know how to build out the people, process, and tools for an organization to be successful with performance engineering from the beginning. I also understand every aspect of running a business, especially the challenges. How can I help you?


The Performance Tour is a continuous road trip through the US. Scott Moore meets with experts in the IT industry, sharing knowledge and best practices. This multi-city tour brings together professionals in the fields of software engineering, performance testing, software automation, DevOps, cloud computing, AI, and much more. Roadshow events throughout the year invite an informal discussion on a variety of trending topics.

In DevOps Driving, Scott interviews thought leaders in the DevOps space to discuss the latest trends and best practices. The series is targeted at a wide range of audiences, including software developers, testers, automation engineers, SDET’s, SREs, IT operations staff, DevOps practitioners, and business leaders.

Security Champions is a new online video series that features entertaining and educational content about integrated security, thought leadership in cybersecurity and DevSecOps, and interviews with industry experts.The show’s objective is to make security educational and entertaining at the same time. It’s quickly becoming a “must watch” show.

The SMC Journal is a weekly podcast from Scott Moore Consutling about all things related to Software Engineering, DevOps, Observability, Cloud Computing, Security, AI, and much more. The show covers news events, company profiles (mergers and acquisitions), corporate events, vendor software features and updates, and much more. Scott interviews industry experts, company representatives and hosts lively discussions with the performance community.


DevOps or DevOOps?

DevOps or DevOOps?

DevOps or DevOOPs – which is it? Is your organization failing at the DevOps operating model? Do I just hate people in DevOps? Find out.

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