TruClient Best Practices

A few weeks ago, I released the LoadRunner Best Practices for Scripting, Testing, Analysis, and Organization which you can find by clicking here. I received a lot of feedback from the community, and it went over pretty well. Someone requested that I create one for the LoadRunner TruClient protocol, so I did. Here is the result:

I had help from multiple authors, including one of the product managers for the LoadRunner TruClient protocol, Shlomi Nissim. I want to also thank John Rice, Devendra Singh, and Sriram Raghuram for their contributions. It is a real honor to have other performance engineers jump in and add what they have learned as well. As more people get involved, this document will be updated. As with any of these online docs, if you have additional input, suggestions, or concerns make sure to let me know and provide some comments on this site to to me on social media. I am on LinkedIn and Twitter, and not that hard to find.

About the Author

Scott Moore

Scott Moore specializes in application performance engineering and testing. This includes education, hands-on implementation, and application performance monitoring.